Monday, July 11, 2011

Such a long time!

I am such a terrible blogger, I am sorry. But for some reason I must really remind myself to blog.

Well much has been going on here. We celebrated Canada day with Jeff's parents here in Barrie as well as his birthday.

We now have a new pool and it's bigger than the one last year. The kids are loving it! I think Anize just might become a Mermaid if she pends anymore time in the pool! At least with the pool being bigger and deeper, she is really swimming well this year!

Jared finally got his hair cut too. It was getting so long that is was totally covering his eyes and nose! LOL! I can't believe how much older he looks now!

We also went Strawberry picking last weekend, and the strawberries were so plump and there were so many! I don't think we moved more than feet to get all the berries we got!

One full flat and two adult sized shoe boxes were filled up in only about 20 minutes. I made three batches of jam and froze several bags of berries. We still had enough berries to last another 2-3 days.
While we taking the wagon ride back to the farm from the fields, we saw this nest with 6 barn swallows in it! I love how they are all looking down at the camera! LOL! I was amazed that none fell out of that cramped little nest!

Well that is all for about now. I do have some scrappy stuff that I need to post soon, I am hoping tomorrow or maybe even a little later this evening. Gasp! 2 posts in one day, you say! LOL! You never know it could happen!
Hope you are all enjoying you summer!

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