Thursday, March 17, 2011

A BitterSweet Day

Today my emotions are all over the place! Thirteen years ago, my little boy was born and placed into my arms. I can still remember how he felt all bundled up in my arms. I was scared and thrilled all at the same time. Today I find that I am feeling those same emotions. He is no longer my baby, and has been growing into quite a young man that am so proud of! I feel like a Momma bird who has to teach her little one to trust in his wings and learn to fly solo. He is that little bird who so eager to go, but a little hesitant of the fall that might come when he takes that leap. I know I sound sappy, but you have to understand that my little boy has overcome, so many obstacles over the last few years and has grown more than I thought possible in the last two years. I am so happy to call this little/tall kid my son! I am sad to see my baby go, but I can't wait to see what kind of man he will turn into!

Happy Birthday Bud!!!

Now onto less Sappy stuff. Jared had some friends over last night and they all slept in the basement, At 3 am they were still going strong and watching movies. (Maybe that's why I am so Sappy this morning!LOL!) He keeps saying that he's half Irish, because his birthday is on St Patty's Day,  and because his favorite colour is green. So this year I wanted to make his cake with the St Patty's Day theme. So I thought what says St Patty's Day better and a pot of gold?
 With a little something to make it shine!
 Then I started to think about a way to give it a little WOW factor. Then I thought of a cake I had made a few years ago,(A rainbow cake) and I knew it was perfect! Where do you normally find the pot of gold? Well at the end of the Rainbow of course!!!
The kids loved it! The layers were covered with a Peanut Butter mousse and chocolate icing. Yummy! Mind you we don't have very many coins left this morning. The goblins kept stealing them throughout the night. LOL!


  1. This cake is super amazing!!!! Love the added touch of the sparkles too! Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. Wow what an amazing cake - love the rainbow on the inside!!

  3. What a cool cake.
    Happy belated birthday to your ds. I know how thrilling it is to see them grow and become great people inspite of going through some tough times.

  4. That is definitely an amazing cake! You are so talented!