Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I know it's been a while since I last blogged. We have been busy around here and trying to get into a regular scheduel, with Jeff working 3-11 every night, I have essentially become a single Mom. But we are managing!
I have a few things to share with you today. First off here the cake that I made for my aunt's 50 th birthday.
She runs/wons a spa and does Hypnosis as well. So my mom really wanted a cake that had some kind of theme around that. So the first thing that popped into my head when she said that she was turning 50 was 50 pink flamingoes on the lawn. So then Jeff pipped up why not put it in the tub? So that is why she has a very big pink flamingo relaxing in the tub for her cake. If you are wondering why the eyes are so large it is because they are cucumbers to help her relax. LOL!

Next I would like to share a little something that I did for Scrapbook Star. All of you who are scrappers will understand what I mean when I say that I hate it when my rub-ons dry out! I have so many packages from a long time ago, that all I see are dollar signs flying out the window! Well last week I took another look at those dried out rub-ons and came up with a clever way to use them on LO anyway! I cut around the image and then glued them onto the Layout!
The flowers were part of the rub-ons. So what do you think? Think you might give it a try too? I hope so. If you do please be sure to let me know.

And lastly I wanted to share this with everyone. Here is a chance to win some monthly kits for a year from We Scrap Kits blog. (
Be sure to go and check them out! It's well worth it!


  1. Your cakes are always so amazing and I love your layout!!! You have been busy!

  2. Your cake is too funny and awesome at the same time! WTG Shirley!

  3. Love the cake - the flamingo is awesome!