Sunday, April 10, 2011

feeling under the weather

 I spent two days at home last week with the kids being sick, it seems that the gastric flu went through our home. Now I seem to be suffering from laryngitis, and a major head cold! Grrrrr! I constantly feel like I floating under water! Well at least I will get to get some scrappy time!

Last week turned out to be a beautiful week! They kept calling for rain, but it never came. So the kids got to go out and do some biking and scooting!

Here is Anize! She is so excited this year, She just learned how to use the scooter. Now she wants to scooter everywhere! She even asked me if she could scooter to school! LOL!

I just had to share this photo with you. Let me set up the scenario here! We were getting ready to go for a car ride out to DQ with my cousin and the kids. Well Jared was going to sit in the back seat of her SVU, but we soon realised that his long lanky legs would not fit in the back, so we told him to get out and we would put someone shorter in the back instead. Well as he tried to get out of the back seat, his butt slipped between the back seat and the one in front of him and he got caught!!! I was laughing so hard that my throat was so sore!!!(The whole laryngitis thing!) We did get him out, but it did take some thinking! LOL!

And the last photo I wanted to share today, was this one! It was so nice out that Jeff wanted to get the front lawn raked. I thought it was so cute to see Anize out there helping him out! She did an awesome job too!

Oh! I almost forgot to share this little project with you! When Anize was in SK her teacher took a whole whack of photos and put them all on a CD for the parents at the end of the year. So I printed them all out and made a mini album for Anize. Here are some of the pages.

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  1. That was too funny about Jared!...LOL

    and loving that mini book, what a thoughtful thing for the teacher to do :)