Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to catch up...

Man I really need to get on the ball with this blogging thing! I just realised that there were no Christmas photos yet! Bad me!!!

Well here a few.
Here are the kids trimming our tree. I wanted to go out and cut down our own tree like we did the year before, but time was running short so Jeff just went and go one at the tree lot! At least this time, it was not all dried out.

I couldn't help but take this photo. Eddie is never too far from his pack, and while we were setting up the lights he thought it would a great place to lie down. I love his silhouette in this photo. Would I be a terrible parent to say that this may very well be my favorite photo this season? LOL

And of course the children had to leave out some cookies, carrots and milk for Santa and the reindeer's.

This is the two of them on Christmas morning. Don't they look happy. Jared was up at 4 am!!! He is so like his Mommy at Christmas was. LOL! Even into my teenage years I would get up super early for Christmas morning!

I also wanted to share a cake I had made to bring to my Mom's for our Christmas diner. I wanted to play with the icing and decided to try out some Chocolate Fudge icing!!! OMG!!! It was so good! I could eat the icing all by itself~and I am not an icing fan!!! If you are interested in the recipe please just leave me note and I will gladly pass it along!

It was a four layered cake with Chocolate and Vanilla layers.

I don't know why this photo is vertical, and can't seem to get it to go the proper way (sorry). I was tired of all the snow we had gotten, and wanted spring to come early so that I could open all the window in the house to help air it out. So that is what inspired me to make it a Spring like cake. LOL Mom loved it and so did Donna, so I guess that's all that mattered!

On New year Eve, Anize had a friend over, and I took them out tobogganing. We don't have much for hills here, unless you want to go to Sunnidale Park and risk being taken out by tree! So we just went to what us locals call Little Hill. It's a small hill right beside the school (near my house). I just wanted to share this photo, 'cause I just love it! Here is Anize flying down the hill!

Well that is about it for now. Hope you all enjoyed having a look into our lives, and will come back soon!


  1. I love that photo with Eddie. I love that he is wrapped around in the lights. Great photo!!! And oh my I want that cake. I love the daises. I look forward to seeing more creations from you!!! :D

  2. Great photos - the cake looks yummy!

  3. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. That cake looks divine!