Monday, September 2, 2013

As summer comes to an end........

I am preparing for the new school year. All the kids bags are packed, as is mine. The lunch boxes are on the counter ready to be packed and Tuesday's supper is ready for the crock pot in the morning, (I think my Crock Pot has had some abandonment issues over the summer! LOL) I am so excited!!!!!

I thought I would give you quick run down of some of our activities from this summer.

Well this summer we were able to go away for a week to beautiful cottage. Our neighbor let us have it for the week. Man I loved it and could so easily live the cottage life. The stars were beautiful at night, and the lake so quiet. We heard loons crying in the morning, went boating and canoeing. Anize lived in the water for entire week we were there.

I also learned that I was the best in family at both Ping-Pong and Darts! Here are the photos to prove it! (Well at least in darts ;o) )
 Yeah that's right what you see here is a bull's eye and then I got a double and triple 20!! Apparently some of the hardest shots to make! Jeff kept trying to beat me all week, but hey what can I say, when you got it you got, ..................and he didn't! Tee-Hee!

After the cottage, we started to prepare for Anize's birthday. This year my baby turned 10! She wanted a beach party this year. So we packed her and three of her friends into the van and drove up to the 19th concession in Lafontaine and spent the day at the beach! The girls had a blast!
We then came home and surprised her with a beach themed cake. (I wouldn't let her into the kitchen all day while I made it!)

Anize has been asking for an I-pod for over a year, well this year she was super excited and surprised when she got her very own! Here she is on her actual birthday just after she opened it!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful summer! We sure did!


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  1. Great post Shirley - I loved your summer! Your kids are really growing up from your header pictures - happy back to school hugs Judith xx