Thursday, May 3, 2012

I've been Busy, busy, busy!!!!!

Well it has started this week over at Let's Scrap this week! Our annual International National Scrapbook Month (INSM), month long celebration!!! Be sure to come over and check out all of our challenges and sketches. There is plenty to do and plenty of prizes to be won as well!!!!

If that has not been keeping me busy enough as of late,  I have had several people in the last couple of weeks asking for cakes. So last week I made one with the Tangled theme. (I had some technical difficulties with this one, and a short time frame, so no photos. Sorry!)

And then on the weekend I delivered this cake to a very happy little boy. He wanted cars on the cake, so I made him a little race track on a mountain! Jeff  helped with this one. I love how it turned out!!!

And this week I have also received an order to make a cake for a first Communion. I will be sure to post some photos of that one once I get it done.

Next week I will have two more cakes to make, and now the kids are asking for me to make one for us to eat here at home! LOL! I guess I owe them that much! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come back soon!

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  1. Shirley that is one amazing cake! The detailing is exceptional. You are one talented cake decorator :)