Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another year older!

Yes it's true my baby girl turned another year older! She now 8 years old! It's amazing how fast time goes by when it comes to your kids getting older, yet the summer months seem to drag on indefinitely...leaving you praying for the fall when the screaming kids can return to school! LOL!

Well this year the thing she wanted more than anything was to have a Guinea pig. But with the no more animals in the house policy, that obviously did not happen. So her second choice of birthday gifts were as follows, breakfast out, time with Grandma and Nana, and friend sleep over, plus the gifts!!!

So she spent the weekend before her birthday over at Grandma and Nana's where she was spoiled rotten, and the slept over at friend house the day before her birthday. We then went out to her restaurant of choice "The golden Griddle" for breakfast!

Here she is enjoying her pancakes and waffles. The restaurant had a buffet style breakfast and she took full advantage of it! She actually had a bit of a belly ache when we left from all the goodies she ate! LOL!

Then it was home for gifts.

And some cake. We just made a simple cake for you birthday, seeing that she will be having her birthday party later (in a week) and wants her fancy cake for the party. She chose to have a chocolate cake with Nutella filling and Peanut Butter icing! And man was it good!

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