Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It is Fall and Leafs are falling.....

Well they aren't really that bad! Last week my sister surprised me with some Leafs tickets! I mean really surprised me, she called me at 7 in the morning(first she left a message on the machine telling me to call back and that it was very important.) and asked me what I was doing on Friday night. My first thought was when do I need to watch the little guy. But it was really for a Leafs game.  We had so much fun! The game was great. The leafs scored with only a few minutes left in the third period, and the croud went wild cheering and then to the disapointement to all the fans the goal was called back. Philly went on to win in the shootout! :o(  My sister and I however still say they won. That goal looked really good to me! LOL!

This one is for all you stampers out there. Here is a link to an awesome giveaway over at  Paper, Ink, Color! They are giving away an complete stamp set of Magnolia stamps. If you have not seen these before go check them out there are the most adorable thing ever!


  1. What a nice surprise! Thank you for the heads up on the magnolia stamps. I love magnolia stamps!!!

  2. I love going to hockey games - glad you had fun!