Friday, May 27, 2011

It's ALL gone!!!!

Today was the day to say goodbye to my hair! I challenged the kids at school to help raise $800, for the Relay for life Cancer Walk, and if they did it I would shave my head! Well they raised more than $1,800!!! WOW!!!

This year the disease hit a little too close to home for me. Two young children lost a parent to cancer at our school this year. And two of our co-workers have been diagnosed with cancer. I thought I had to do something to help raise money for the cause and find a cure to this horrible disease!

It was very touching when Lynn, one of co-workers who fighting Breast Cancer came to watch us! She was crying and kept saying Thank you! I cried like a baby myself when I saw her! It was so nice to see her there with us!

Now I have to say this I was so excited to get my hair shaved!!! I love how it feels now! I haven't stopped smiling since it was done or giggling. I tell you, I am living with a whole bunch senses I have never felt before! Like when a breeze blows over you head and it feels like a thousand little feathers brushing up against your scalp. Or taking a shower and not having any hairs stuck to your fingers after you wash it! But the best is when you walk out of the shower, you pat your head and your hair is DRY INSTANTLY!!! LOL!!!

Here are some photos taking at school while they shaved my head. It was all done on the stage in front of all the students and staff!

Here I am with my Fancy pink wig, just before they shaved me! LOL! What do you think, is pink my colour?

A work in progress!

OMG!!!  Look at all that hair!!! I am not shocked that it's gone, but at the amount that there was!! LOL! What you see in my hands is not all of my hair, there was still plenty more on the floor behind me!!!!!

I will post a self portrait of me later with my new 8 ball of a head. (After it was done all the 6th graders at the school kept asking if they could rub my head. So the joke now is that I am the wise old 8 ball. Just ask a question and give it a rub! LOL!). I don't seem to have any nice photosof it right now!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Late once again....

I never seem to be able to blog on a regular basis! Maybe once school is out and I am home all summer I'll be able to get more blogging done, as well as baking and scrapping and sewing. Oh how I miss my crafty time!!!

Well our challenges are up at Scrapbook Star. Be sure to check them out. There are some great challenges this month. Here are a few things that I created with our kit this month.

 I also wanted to let you know that over at Paper Ink Color, they are giving away a set of Magnolia stamps.
In order for a chance to win these gorgeous stamps you will have to do like I did and head on over and check it out! (

I almost forgot to say how proud I am of our school! We have a few members of the staff that will be doing the Relay for Life, this year and I wanted to help them raise money for the cause. We challenged our school to raise money for the cause and if they were able to raise $800-$1000 dollars they were allowed to shave my head as well as another staff member. Well on Friday I was told that we currently have $966 for the cause, and that we still have another 3 (school) days to raise money!!! I was so happy to hear this! So next Friday, I will be BALD!!!! I will be sure post pictures of the event!

Hope everyone has a great week! See you all soon!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

National scapbooking Day!!

Happy NSD to all my fellow scrappers! Do you have any scrappy plans for today? I was hoping that it would be a wet and rainy day today (like it has been all week), this way I wouldn't feel so guilty staying inside and playing with my scrappy stuff! LOL!

Today at Scrapbook Star (  we are having several challenges in honor of NSD! Hope you can come over and join us! There are prizes to be won as well!

Here is a sample of one of the challenges.

A Timed challenge with a Twist!

You have 1 hour to complete a layout, and you have to have the following item on your LO.
2 patterned papers
2 cardstocks
2 different fonts
2 or more photos.
Add your own embellies if desired.

 Here is the LO that I made.

I have also been working on some of my DT duty's with May's Kit! You are going to love this kit!! I have made so many things with it so far! And still have enough to make a mini album with it! Here is a sneak peak of what you will find in the kit!

Happy scrapping everyone!